Our Story

It started with curiosity and excitement to see how our illustration looks like in other medium than digital or paper.

Surprisingly, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our passion unfolds and grows into a thing called KARANGAN.

KARANGAN started in 2017, our first collection is scarves in three different sizes.

The next product is a mixture between enormous love of colours and respect to mother earth. Our baby step was replacing single-use plastic with our mealtime kits such as lunch bag (a nice-looking one that you don’t need to think more than three seconds to grab and go with)

And then our passion of stationary has unfolded : Stationary, paper-goods and other bric-a-brac are our joy.

We are still growing, bunch of ideas are up in the air, our blank pages are ready to get inked.

We love creating and sharing. We love contributing. We love connecting and collaborating.

That is what KARANGAN will always do.

We hope you are happy with our products that made with big love.