Waterproof Bag Care Tips

Karangan’s Lunch Bags Illustration.

Karangan’s Lunch Bags Illustration.

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We feel like owe you some care tips for waterproof bag because last time we already talked about how to take care your scarf. This time we’re going to share few easy tips to care your bag. In specific, our fun-coloured lunch bag which most of its material is waterproof and non-porous.

Waterproof fabric that mostly used by us called Cordura which its origin are tough, anti-tear and durable. Even this fabric is tough but taking care of this fabric is whole new world. Two things to keep in mind that harsh cleaning will destroy the waterproof coating so just do it gently and avoid to dry under direct sunlight because UV rays can degrade the fabric.

Also, pleasee do these two things prior washing to make next steps easier :

  • Remove any dirt thoroughly

  • Wipe it off right away using a damp cloth If you spot a stain or food spill

(Is it only me who thought this talking so serious, or.. is it ?)

Well, let’s jump to below illustration for some seriously easy steps to care you waterproof bag.

Waterproof bag care tips. Illustrated by Karangan

For other waterproof material in thin or one layer just like our mealtime kits (utensil pouch), you can just wash it with gentle dish soap under the running tap then hang in dish drainer.

Karangan’s Mealtime Kits Illustration.

Lastly, we do encourage you to always bring lunch bags or any reusable carrier to carry either your homemade or take away meals. Single-use plastic is indeed fast and lightweight option but not friendly to our mother earth. So yes! You can browse our fun-coloured bags and mealtime kits to accommodate your daily routine in green and fun way.

See you around !

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