Three No-Brainer Ways to Reuse Product Tag


I know, I know.

Tag card is indeed a small thing but be honest, when you buy stuff and the package comes along with an aesthetic ‘thank you’ card and a personal simple message written on it or a brief brand story, you will feel (in some way) connected with that brand. I couldn’t agree more. BUT, i just feel sorry if that pretty little goes to bin in a flash. So, yes.. pay a bit more but it can switch function is a big why not.

Our previous and current product tags.


As I myself is a stationary nerd, I considered this card thing as my playground to play around with. I remembered that people decided to buy the products (for lunch bag and other mealtime kits) because of the product tag itself.

Then soon afterward I realize one thing : storytelling is important.

When you made something for reason and you shout it out, people will also buy ‘that reason’. Through this chance and time, I would love to shout the purpose behind our new product tag.

Meet our new product tag that describes Karangan. Get to know a little bit of us, here. This red and white flower is Karangan’s icon. We do love the versatile beauty of flower: red shows passionate while white means purity. We will gradually replace the current tags with the new one. It’s true that the new tag costs higher than the previous one, but by having a better specification and purpose, we do hope and deeply encourage you to re-use this, extend this card’s life before going to landfill. Because sadly, those fun-coloured cards are too young to die.

New Karangan’s Product Tag

As you can see, this flower-shaped card has two small holes in two different sides. The idea is to be flexible when you play with it. Not so good at words, but please see the images below for your reference.


You will only need a string and book. The hole diameter is 5 mm, will fit for most of string or cotton yarn. No string ? no worries, since we will always put it inside the package :)


Need nothing but your drinking glass / mug. The front side is laminated so water spill or splash won’t hurt.


Gift Bows Replacement

Be flexible when you play with it, use one or both holes for a different look.


hanging decoration (simply put on your wall of art) and when it gets ugly (like mine), I’ll use as scraper to clean kid’s mess (wink!)

If you have any idea on re-using this, please share with us! As a brand, I believe that every brand has its own way to participate in taking care of mother earth. We always try our best, our closest way to daily routine to make a consistent small step. Making a cleaner and better environment is a collective responsibility across all level. Individual level is indeed a game-changer if they participate consistently.

Starts small. One step at a time. Let’s do this together.

Thank you and see you around !

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